Tenerife Vaca

Traveling is really important to me. It’s about seeing different parts of the world, spending time with friends, having a beach day or have awesome adventures. Last time I went with my friends to Tenerife and we had an awesome adventure. We rented a Yacht, saw some wales and sea turtles, jumped into the crystal clear Atlantic ozean and went to the coolest beach clubs during the night.

IMG_2087 2
Shirt: River Island Trousers: Zara Shades: The Sting

Because of the really intense sun, I decided to wear long trousers and a shirt as long as we were on the yacht. My skin is really pale and gets sunburned easily which is the reason why I always try to protect my skin with sun cream or cloths (or even both).

I tried to look chic and cool at the same time while we were on Tenerife which most of the time worked out well.

The view from our favorite beach bar in Las Americas de Tenerife.

After Dinner we always went out into the  nightlife of  Tenerife. Especially Las Americas, which is in the south of the island, has many opportunities to go out.

Shirt: Top Man Shades: The Sting Trousers: Zara

If you guys are currently looking for a vacation, I would recommend to travel to Tenerife. You will be able to relax during the day at the beach, go hiking on the volcano El Teide, rent a yacht and jump into the sea, swim with sea turtles,  party all night long and many things more.
Can’t wait to keep you updated about my future adventures.

See you soon… Xx


IMG_1207 2IMG_2305 2

IMG_1463 3
Shirt: HM Coachella Collection

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