LOVE… Does it still exist?

Love, I know that everyone has experienced it. Everyone has experienced Love at some point. Even if it’s just between you and your mom, your dad or your siblings.

As magical, beautiful and exiting LOVE can be, as tragic, sad and exhausting it can end. Being loved by someone you love is the best feeling ever. It’s Valentine’s Day,  so I thought it would be the right time to write about what I experienced.

I used to go on dates which was very scary at the beginning! But every date I went on made It less scary and I got more confident meeting new people. Which doesn’t mean I am not exited and nervous anymore 🙃.

I went on many dates between September and mid November and realized that something is wrong in our generation. Our generation has so many options to meet new people through social media and dating apps, that people kind of lost to fight for love. People just break up and go on another date, which I find really hard to understand as I got raised in a different way. I got told that love is an always changing environment. That you will experience happy and sad times. But in the end you will stick together and have each other. Dating should be more about getting to know each other which isn’t a short process. We are living in such a fast moving world nowadays, that we rush into relationships too fast. Why can’t people just become friends and spend time together as friends, dating each other? Our generation has to slow down and learn how to appreciate the humans they are surrounded by.

I deleted all my dating apps in mid November after my friend told me to stop forcing myself to meet the right one, as I will find the right one when the time has come. And who knows, maybe I met him already.

I am really thankful for her advise as I feel so much better since. I am concentrating more on myself and who I wanna be. I also got reminded how important friends are. There are only a few people I can always count on which are always giving me a very special feeling of being loved.

My answer is yes. Real Love does still exist. It is just really hard to find someone these days who is willing to fight for you and not to give up easily. I hope you all had the best Valentine’s Day 2019 and that you enjoyed it no matter what your current relationship status is.

Never forget, we have each other! And we will never be alone!

Lot’s of LOVE,

Marvin Xx🏳️‍🌈



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